Cover letter for Creative Director, Digital

Good day,

As I consider the next phase in my professional path, I came across the job listing for Creative Director, Digital at Facebook.

I understand that reading a high volume of cover letters takes a up valuable time, so I’ll try to keep this brief and to the point. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have anything comes up that is not included in my application.

You are looking for the most fitting candidate for the job, search no more! Just kidding. I want you to have a clear view of my capabilities, strengths, education, etc. in addition to my own hopes and dreams for the next chapter in my career. Win-win?

A little about my profile. With an education in graphic design and photography I took my chances and moved to Austin, Texas from Belgium in 2011. I had met a lot of musicians from Austin over the years and became intrigued with the magic of the city. Sure enough, I stayed for 10 years and worked as a graphic designer, marketeer, CMS website builder and photographer.

As you might have seen in my resume, I started my career in Austin with an internship at an international cultural exchange and recruitment company, Alliance Abroad. After 18 months, I was offered a permanent position as the Senior Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist. After 3 years, I started my latest position as the Art Director and Director of Integrated Marketing. As the head of marketing, a team of 5, we ran the visual and digital marketing. While working closely with the Sales team, upper management and the CEO, we focused on the on- and offline corporate branding & marketing, B2B and B2C, lifecycle marketing and account-based marketing supported by a solid CRM system. I held this position for 3 years until I moved back to Belgium in September 2020. You can find more details about these positions on my resume, LinkedIn profile and website.

Next to my career at Alliance Abroad, I have been working as a freelance designer and marketeer since 2009. A lot of my clients are in the food & beverage industry, the international exchange and recruitment industry and the Austin music industry.

After a decade in Austin, Texas, and a re-location back to Belgium, I am open to career options in both countries and remote. Let’s say I’ll go where the perfect opportunities lay. My ideal job? Using my skills to support an organization that I believe in. We spend such a big part of our lives working, my hope is that I can use my skills to support an organization I believe in. In addition to that, I strongly believe that the team and the business culture is instrumental for a successful organization. A motivated, no-drama, talented and ambitious team with a health work/life balance? Sign me up!

As I currently have no work visa for the USA, I would, in time, need assistance to apply for an H-1B visa or green card. Don’t despair, 3 visa’s later, I have some experience with the subject. I hope this detail will not affect my application for this position. In our new reality of remote work, I would be more than happy to start my adventure at Facebook as a remote employee or at the Brussels, Belgium office.

I appreciate your time and truly apologize for lying about keeping it short.

Sanne de Mûelenaere

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